ADB supports Netia in delivering reliable and high-performance networks

16 April 2018 – Geneva, Switzerland: ADB, a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for broadband networks, has today announced that Netia, one of the biggest Polish telco operators, has chosen ADB’s latest generation gateway VV 5822 to deliver reliable and high-performance multimedia services to individual and business customers.  The platform equipped with ADB’s Epicentro software is a complete solution that will allow the operator to offer high-speed internet access and a wide range of interactive multimedia services.

Netia has always been known in Poland for its very efficient and complete service.
With ADB’s solution the operator will be able to fully leverage its network capabilities and offer outstanding performance to its customers.

Netia will use ADB’s state-of-the-art VV 5822 gateway series which features high-speed networking through 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual radio 802.11ac/n Wi-Fi. Additionally, the device supports advanced IP-based telephony services.
ADB’s Epicentro software, which works on VV 5822, perfectly complements efficient hardware design enabling the operator to better utilize network bandwidth and deliver best-quality IPTV services.

“The decision made by such a big telecommunication player like Netia, to adopt ADB’s access gateway, confirms that our broadband solutions are reliable, efficient and cost-effective and what’s most important address the needs of today’s end-users who demand advanced networking capabilities. We are excited to cooperate with Netia and enable individual users as well as small and medium businesses to enjoy best-in-class broadband services across Poland“ – said Jacek Galik, SVP Sales at ADB.

“Netia offers one of the fastest internet connections in Poland, with download speed up to 900 Mb/s. To be able to fully use such parameters, our clients need modern and advanced network devices. ADB’s latest generation broadband gateways fully leverage the advantages of our fiber optic FTTB/ETTH networks and guarantee reliable Internet and innovative TV services, both via cable and Wi-Fi” – adds Bartłomiej Zaremba, Director of Network Development and Management Department at Netia.

About Netia

Netia Group is one of the largest telecommunications operators on the Polish market, which employs almost 2,000 people in 70 locations throughout the country. The Capital Group includes, among others: Netia S.A., Internetia Sp. z o.o., Telefonia Dialog Sp. z o.o., Petrotel Sp. z o.o., TK Telekom Sp. z o.o.

Netia (as R.P. Telekom) was founded in the early 90s by a group of Polish entrepreneurs – enthusiasts, supported by American investors from telecommunications sector. Initially, the company provided telephone services, gradually extending the offer with data transmission, broadband Internet and digital Pay-TV.

The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2000. The majority of shares are held by Polish investors (Mennica Polska, FIP 11 FIZ, Nationale-Nederlanden OFE, Aviva OFE, PZU OFE “Złota Jesień”).

Netia’s fibre optic backbone network is nearly 20 000 km long. It connects metropolitan networks in over 50 cities and provides several independent international connections.

Netia Group owns over 30 000 telecommunications facilities (including buildings, racks and antenna masts) and the number of network nodes (PoP) belonging to the Group exceeds 81 000.

More than 70 percent of A and B class office buildings and over 2,5 million residential units in Poland are estimated to lie within Netia’s network range.

Every third link belonging to the Netia Group’s companies allows data transmission at speeds exceeding 100 Mb/s. In 2020, as part of the “Network of the XXI century” project, entire Netia’s network will be modernized to the fibre optic standard. 

About ADB

ADB is a one-stop shop offering innovative and high-quality full system solutions for content distributors, TV operators and property owners, who want to deliver best-in-class video, broadband and IoT  services to their customers.

ADB combines innovation, software and hardware expertise with user expectations to provide reliable and fully integrated products with a guarantee of on-time deployment and long-term support.

The company is a valued partner of choice to service providers and operators around the globe. ADB’s solutions empower the world’s leading content distributors, Pay-TV and broadband operators.