Pay-TV management system and content aggregation platform that enables operators to provide the best TV entertainment package.

graphyne™ fundamentals

System Integration

graphyne™ is a Pay-TV management system that can be integrated within operator's existing environment. Previous investments in backend components can be utilized.

Multi-Screen Freedom

Subscribers use the same leading-edge UI across set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, web browsers, Apple TV, Android TV, and smart TVs - all of which are managed by a single graphyne™ system.

Professional Services

ADB offers professional consulting, integration of new services and after-sales maintenance to optimize the existing Pay-TV platform and ensure it works smoothly in the particular operator's environment.

One system
supports all must-have features
for Pay-TV operation

Deployable as an end-to-end system,
or individual modules
enriching exisitng Pay-TV platform

Pay-TV Essentials Pay-TV system components for: managing metadata associated with the delivery of Live TV channels, EPG, channel lineups and favourite lists; real-time configuration and customization of graphyne™ applications; upgrading STB software in the field.

Catchup, Start-Over – Catchup allows users to watch events already broadcasted, while Start-Over lets to restart current Live TV event when the viewer missed the beginning.

Cloud PVR allows for recording and storing content in the cloud for future viewing.

VOD catalogue – Creates and populates VOD catalogue for the subscribers.

Recommendations – Provide relevant content recommendations and personalized search results.

Messaging and Advertising – Enables operator to send various messages and advertisements to end-users. It helps to build stronger relationship with the subscribers.

Analytics – Lets the operator make strategic decisions on the basis of real and actual data gathered from the client devices.

Voice Recognition – Enables search and control of the application with voice command.

Global Search – Provides users with advanced search functionality across variety of video sources including linear TV, recordings, operator’s VOD and 3rd party SVOD services.

ADB Client applications – Working on STB, smartphones, tablets, web portals, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast and Smart TVs, provide access to operator’s services within personalized, profile-based UI.

The graphyne™ Recommendation Engine:

Make your service “stick” by delivering new levels of subscriber personalization

Content is tailored to each customer
Subscribers spend far less time searching for content
Upsell new content according to your strategy and subscriber preferences

Fully customizable user interface
under your control

Introduce any changes quickly without software upgrades
All UI customizations can be done by you – anytime – without ADB involvement

Voice search

Give your customers a human way to interact with your TV service

Discover content easier and faster

Eliminate mistypes when using the RCU keyboard for content searches

Be available for the subscribers
anywhere, anytime.

Subscribers can enjoy the same graphyne™ TV experience as they do at home while on the move or at any other location.

Users have the choice of many devices to enjoy their personal graphyne™ experience that includes smartphones, tablets, web browsers, Apple TV, Android TV, and smart TVs.

The personalized UI framework, subscriber authentication and interfaces to the client devices are all managed from a single graphyne™ system.

Analyze and optimize:
building improved user engagement

The graphyne™ analytics module offers visually-friendly dashboards to study subscriber usage styles.
With this information, operators can tailor the user experience to increase user engagement and satisfaction.

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