Internship at ADB

Who is it for?

We invite the students of IT and related majors
for PAID internship at ADB, already after
completing the second year of first-cycle studies.

We are also happy to meet the engineers continuing their education
in second-cycle studies as well as programming enthusiasts,
starting their university education, but
with coding experience
from an early youth.


Optimal internship duration is 3 summer months
– July, August, September.

3 months is just enough time to get acquainted with typical tools,
work environment, methods and techniques of project teamwork,
but also to implement a specific task – an application or new functionality
or e.g. going through the entire process – design, creation and verification
of a piece of software for one of our product platforms.

Occasionally, we are also open to accept just 2.5-month period –
negotiated individually – between mid-June and mid-October,
depending on the group specifics and planned tasks.

When and where?

Every year we prepare internship offers in our R&D centres
in Zielona Góra, Katowice and Poznań.

The recruitment for 2022 internship has already started! The candidates will be invited for tests and meetings with team leaders in late May & early June
And now – click the  ‘Apply online’ button to try!

Recruitment? How?

We are awaiting your applications in the form of:

CV – including your programming experience (programming languages and experience, examples of projects, your self-rating of skills e.g. on a scale of 1-5, ),  as well as questionnaire of programming skills.

or send documents via e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

Have you selected a profile?

Current internship profiles in our locations:

  • Mobile / UI developer – POZNAŃ (tech talk + possibly Javascript/HTML test) – – required openness and willingness to solve problems; knowledge of ReactJS and React Native, Javascript / Typescript as a plus; you will work on User Interface, bug fixing, mobile applications for various platforms: AppleTV, Android, iOS, Web, STB for international PayTV operators.
  • Testing software – ZIELONA GÓRA (technical conversation, English test) – for those interested in new technologies, with good English; knowledge of Python, Perl, Selenium or Typescript as a plus; tasks: testing Embedded, Front-End, Back-End software; creating scripts for automatic tests.
  • Embedded developer – ZIELONA GÓRA (C tests, English) – Embedded Software for ultra-modern hardware platforms using Wifi6 and 7; knowledge of network protocols and CCNA as a plus; for those who like intellectual challenges.
  • C/C++ developer – ZIELONA GÓRA (C and C++ tests, English) – low-level middleware – work on Audio/Video & graphics software, debugging.
  • Embedded developer – KATOWICE (C and C++, possibly Java) – low-level programming in C and C++ on Embedded systems, knowledge of broadband networks, Java and Javascript as a plus.
  • Testing broadband software – KATOWICE (‘technical’ conversation, English test) – tasks: testing software of network routers, documenting tests and results, reproduction and error analysis; you will learn the rules of writing and using automated tests as well as network configuration and monitoring.

All profiles require at least conversational English – enabling reading technical texts and using English tools. We also welcome Linux OS experience.

What will you gain?

  • valuable experience – you will get to know the work environment and tools of developers/testers and see the individual stages of project implementation in practice
  • a real task/project for implementation – individually or in a group (team of 2-3 people)
  • knowledge – you will work with world-class experts as your “buddies” – providing support and assistance, sharing knowledge, taking care of you throughout the whole internship period
  • great atmosphere – we address each other by first names and we’re happy to help each other, plus we have fun at team-building events (especially during summer!)
  • possibility of employment after the completion of internship – full-time or part-time employment, adapted to your schedule at the university
  • also… money for holidays!

What's next? Current job offers

Junior Customer Support Engineer – Poznań, Poland or hybrid
Health and Safety Specialist – Zielona Góra, Poland or hybrid (part-time)
Software Architect – Milano, Italy or Katowice or Zielona Góra, Poland (hybrid)
Junior Software Engineer (low-level) – Zielona Góra, Poland (hybrid)
Mobile Software Engineer (React Native) – Remotely or hybrid, Zielona Góra or Poznań, Poland


It is described in detail in the Recruitment tab. In short: you send your CV and filled out questionnaire, we schedule a meeting – programming tests (Java/C++/C/Javascript/other) and English tests, and/or a “technical” interview, then you wait 2-3 weeks and… get an invitation for internship (for the best ones)!

The internship lasts 3 months, from the end of June to the end of September. You work in the groups of 2-3 persons (rarely individually), which have an assigned project and their supervisor. After completion of the internship, we issue all necessary certificates, including those required by the universities. Also, it is possible to get a certificate of acceptance to the internship.

As long as you are studying, we encourage you to apply for our internship. After graduation, it is possible to accept you for a graduate internship, however then we recommend choosing an appropriate job offer.

Unfortunately, there’s not. Interns spend the first few weeks on getting to know the environment and the process, and AT LEAST 2 months are required to complete the entrusted task, therefore we prefer 3 months of internship.

Yes, there is a good chance. During 3 months of internship, we get to know you very well and we offer further cooperation to many people, also on a part-time basis, adjusting the hours to your classes at the university. And if you are available full time, we are happy to offer full-time employment, depending on our current number of vacancies.

Your question didn’t come up?

Ask about it in an email sent to the following address: [email protected]