vuTyme™ for Hospitality

The vuTyme™ commercial video solution serves nearly 300,000 hotel rooms across the USA, Europe, and Australia. With a proven backend and supporting end-point devices, vuTyme™ caters to a wide range of properties – from bed and breakfasts to large-scale resorts.


Your combination of video content: Cable, Satellite, Broadband, Telco, Terrestrial, 3rd Party VOD/PPV

Your choice of on-premises video delivery: RF, Fiber, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

Granular control of the UI appearance and channel lineups

Robust local video content Insertion

User Experience

DVR-Lite™, vuCaster™ mobile screen casting, Wi-Fi Fast-Connect™

Property compendiums, local attractions, news, weather, guest messaging and alerting

Elegant searchable guide, enhanced multi-language features

Folio view and checkout, paywalls for VOD, casting, and channels

vuTyme™ for Healthcare

vuTyme™ is installed across a wide variety of healthcare facilities that include hospitals, retirement care, rehabilitation centers, and medical offices. ADB is committed to delivering the optimal features for patients and staff, using the television as a mechanism to support a positive patient experience.

Features include:

Multi-Language UI Support

Patient Messaging and Alerting

Large Font UI

Pillow Speaker Remote Control

3rd Party VOD (e.g. Medical Content)

vuTyme™ for Small and Mid-Size Business

Businesses such as offices, bars, restaurants, and even mining camps, have implemented vuTyme™ in their own ways.

Examples include:

Remote Channel Change, Keep Alive

Common in sports pubs; staff doesn’t require an RCU to change channels. Keep Alive ensures TVs stay tuned to a channel without entering any idle state after long periods.

Video Insertion, CCTV

Any video content can be inserted and provided to up to 10 channels in the vuTyme™ channel lineup. This may include CCTV to monitor property locations (common to multi-dwelling units), live events, or any other recorded content.


Digital Signage, TV Messaging and Alerting, Property Compendium, Connections to 3rd Party Data Sources (news feeds, weather, etc.).

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