People are ADB's greatest asset!

ADB has top-notch technology expertise
in the brains of 300+ employees

Vast majority of our team are highly-skilled engineers
90% of people has university degree (13 PhDs!)
ADB brings together people from 21 nationalties
We spent one tenth of our time on self development

We educate young generations

At ADB we are very open in communication
and ready to share our knowledge and experience.

We want to inject our innovative thinking into the brains of young people.

Therefore together with universities we create
ADB Academy program,
where our experts share their professional knowledge and introduce students into real project-oriented work.

This is extremely valuable experience preparing them for the future job career.

We inspire

We bring together people who are
trully pasionate about state-of-the-art technology.

We love to inspire others with all we do, with all we learned and discovered.

We are very keen to listen and exchange experiences with other technology experts wanting to share their stunning successes and innovations.

We support

We belong to the communities

We care about others by supporting charities and social events

We actively participate in local life

As a company existing on the market for 27 years,
we’ve built long history of success and influenced our local communities.
We benefit from our local life. We are proud to be part of it
and we want to bring value to others and to places where we are located.

And we have fun together !

We cultivate the culture of respect and dignity.
We create great atmosphere at work and
We are also friends having fantastic time together outside the office

Join us! Be part of Our Team