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vuTyme™ is an easily scalable system letting guest-centric properties
deliver information and a great viewing experience
across multiple screens.

Guestrooms served by vuTyme™ across US, Australia and Europe
Properties served
Years of continous development and innovation

vuTyme™ for Hoteliers

The goal of vuTymeis to neither overwhelm nor underwhelm a property with features,
but to provide a “just-right” solution for each property.

Features that entertain, inform, and enrich the in-stay experience,
as well as generate revenue, can be easily scaled to fit
the modern demands of individual hoteliers and chains.

No On-Site Equipment

Except for a small-form set-back-box (SBB), no on-site equipment is required at the property. This simplifies the deployment and reduces cost and footprint.

Brand the User Interface

vuTyme™ provides unmatched visual customization and branding options for the guest UI.

Promote the Property and Area

Using the vuTyme™ UI, guests can navigate local area attractions that include digital maps and review property compendiums that promote internal locations.

Manage Your Guests’ Experience

vuTyme™ EzVu Portal gives properties control over their hospitality TV solution to actively manage the guest experience.

PMS Integration

vuTyme™ integrates with Property Management Systems to enable folio view, checkout, and other transactions. vuTyme™ is certified with Oracle PMS and supports many more.

Video Entertainment

vuTyme™ has the ultimate flexibility to combine multiple video content sources into an easily navigable vuTyme™ user interface. These sources include Live TV, OTT, and Local Content Insertion.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage component provides an elegant way to promote a property’s features, as well as inform guests and employees.

Messaging, Ads, and Alerting

Property managers can send advertisements and messages to the entire property, to specific areas, or to specific guests.

Smart TV Support

The vuTyme™ guest interface can run as a captive application on select Samsung and LG smartTVs, providing properties a streamlined solution without the need for set-back-boxes (SBBs).

Custom Channel Lineups

Channel lineups, as they appear in the vuTyme™ guide, can be arranged in any manner. Lineup arrangements can also be set as differently as desired throughout the property.

Revenue Generating Paywalls

vuTyme™ lets properties easily setup “paywalls” allowing them to charge the customer’s bill for vuTyme™ services such as device screen casting, VOD, and specific channels.

vuTyme™ for Operators

vuTyme™ answers the demands of operators who want to offer a robust interactive TV solution to a wide range of commercial property types of any size. With a proven backend all the way to its edge, the vuTyme™ system provides the most scalable and operationally efficient commercial TV solution available. Operators served by vuTyme™ include cable, broadband, telco and satellite.

No matter the scale, vuTyme™ allows you to control content across all TVs and properties from a highly secure, fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure.

To simplify your operations, vuTyme™ offers a pick-list of cost-effective services including: installation support, vuTyme™ configuration, daily monitoring, provisioning, and logistics.

vuTyme™ provides the ability to operate in virtually any property infrastructure which includes: IP/Ethernet, Wifi, Cable and Satellite RF, and Terrestrial.

vuTyme™ features accommodate numerous property types such as: Hospitality, Healthcare, Retirement Communities, Sporting Venues, Pubs and Restaurants, and Small to Medium Sized Businesses.

vuTyme™ provides robust visual analytics to show channel tuning metrics, the use of product features, and detailed insights to vuTyme™ operational behavior.

vuTyme™ for Guests

vuTyme™ delivers an incomparable guest experience allowing them to positively engage with the property and local area and offers them a level of personalization guaranteed to enhance their stay.

Screen Casting (vuCaster™)

The vuCaster™ feature lets guests use their mobile device to cast content from a multitude of mobile applications to the in-room TV without the need to download any application.


Guest can enjoy a variety of concierge features including: Local Weather and News, Local Attractions, Property Compendiums, Folio View and Checkout, Messaging and Emergency Alerts.

vuTyme™ DVR-Lite™

DVR-Lite™ is one of vuTyme’s™ most popular features which allows guests to pause live TV and resume programs later.

Video Entertainment

Guests can bring their own video content and enjoy any combination of video including Live TV, VOD, and OTT.

WiFi Fast-Connect™

Guests can quickly connect to the local Wi-Fi network by scanning a WiFi Fast-Connect™ QR code displayed on-screen.

vuTyme™ ease-of-use

Unmatched, Elegant Navigation, Search, Settings Control and Multi-Language

The vuTyme™ UI provides elegant navigation and search capability for TV, VOD, and PPV content. Guests are also provided a variety of settings to manage their experience including parental controls, channel blocking, audio language, CC language, power-on channel, and more.

vuTyme™ multi-language features allow you to set the UI display language which translates the entire user interface into your desired language. For convenience, guide information, VOD data, subtitles, audio language, and concierge features are also translated automatically.

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