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vuCaster™ Mobile Device Casting

vuTyme™ offers one of the most reliable and secure mobile screen casting solutions available to multi-guest properties. Called vuCaster™, this solution includes a Chromecast™-enabled device and allows the automatic HDMI switch between vuTyme™ TV service and mobile screen casting to the guestroom TV.

  • System logic ensures that only the guest’s mobile device can connect to their in-room vuCaster™ with no chance of casting to the wrong TV.

  • Guests can cast from 1000’s of cast‐aware apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, audio streaming apps, and many more.

vuStreamer™ IP Video Distribution

For properties that wish to deliver video content over Ethernet or WiFi, ADB offers vuStreamer™ which is a network device installed on-property that converts RF signals from satellite or terrestrial sources to multicast IP streams. These streams are then tuned by guests using the vuTyme™ guest UI. Highlights include:

Device Management – The vuTyme™ Manager web portal provides comprehensive tools to configure, control, and monitor deployed vuStreamer™ devices.

DRM/CAS – vuStreamers™ preserve the conditional access and digital rights management standards required by service providers.

Industrial Grade – The vuStreamer™ device is built for long-term operational stability. This includes redundant power supplies, fans, signal conversion cards, and other measures.

vuReel™ Local Content Insertion

vuReel™ is a small vuTyme™-managed device allowing properties to upload their own video content and insert that content into specific channels on guest channel lineups. Highlights include:

10 Channels – vuReel™ can stream different video content to up to 10 different channels that can be placed anywhere in guest channel lineups.

Device Management – The vuTyme™ Manager web portal provides comprehensive tools to configure, control, and monitor deployed vuReel™ devices.

Video Library and Streaming Plans – Using vuTyme’s™ EzVu portal, property staff can upload a considerable amount of video content and create an unlimited number of video playlists. Playlists can then be scheduled in any way the property desires.

vuTyme™ for Smart TVs

The vuTyme™ guest UI can operate as a captive “power-on” application running on commercial-grade Samsung and LG TVs. This offers an attractive option to many businesses by not requiring a set-top-box or any such devices that require installation, monitoring, power, and footprint. Highlights include:

DRM/CAS – Copy protection mechanisms offered in the commercial-grade TVs are preserved.

Content Sources – Video content may be delivered to TVs via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RF Coax, or a combination.

Device Management – The vuTyme™ Manager web portal provides tools to configure, control, and monitor deployed smart TVs with the same benefits of an ADB Set-Back Box or STB.

Simplification of Remote-Control Devices – Properties have the choice to use the remote control provided with the TV or use a vuTyme™ remote.

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