Broadband Multi-service System
for Telco Operators

ADB Broadband portfolio enables Telco operators
to provide reliable and ultra-fast
broadband access and offer value-added services
for connected home & office


Key features of epiCentro™ OS

Modular and scalable

Easily expandable architecture with next generation services such as home automation, IoT, security, etc.

Diagnostics capabilities

Extensive real-time diagnostic capabilities thanks to ADB proprietary QoE (Quality of Experience) agent

Optimized performance

Optimized traffic acceleration, ACS, Wi-Fi Steering and more areas

Wi-Fi Mesh

Excellent coverage and performance of Wi-Fi network

Easy configuration and control

Responsive consumer application for configuration and management

Hardware agnostic

Ready to work of 3rd party broadband gateways

Chipset agnostic

Operates on chipsets from several vendors - Broadcom, Realtek, Qualcomm, Mindspeed

Provide outstanding performance and excellent coverage of Wi-Fi network

epiCentro™ OS supports Wi-Fi Mesh

Wi-Fi Mesh is an intelligent Wi-Fi network system for broadband and TV operators that guarantees reliable Wi-Fi experience anytime, anywhere.

Have more transparency on your subscriber’s network environment

Ensure highest quality of service and reduce customer care cost

Use epiCure™, ADB’s monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting platform


epiCure™ has the ability to recognize in real-time specific problems with the CPEs or in the network, based on 100+ metrics gathered from the CPEs.

It assists help desk in troubleshooting process and predicts future problems.

Significantly lowers operational costs, reduces churn, enables up-selling of new services and provides valuable insights into end-user’s environment.

Issues fixed without user intervention

Churn reduced by up to 20-30%

Automatically activate new subscribers and remotely manage your installed base of broadband gateways

epiCentro™ PMP

Cloud-based carrier-class Access Control System (ACS) for remote provisioning and management of broadband gateways.
Field proven since 2008.

Zero touch activation

No need for installers at home, cost saving for an operator

Automatic provisioning

Automatic and on-demand provisioning of new services chosen by subscribers


Schedule and carry out both massive and selective firmaware and config upgrade

TR-069 support

Support for TR-069 with TR-098 and TR-181 compliant devices (ADB and 3rd party)

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