ADB enhances its Wi-Fi 7 portfolio by introducing a Mesh solution named Deimos

Compatible with all ADB Wi-Fi 7 products, Deimos solves poor connectivity problems by scaling the coverage of Wi-Fi 7 network to every corner of the home or office

29 February 2024 – Geneva, Switzerland: ADB, the global provider of Enterprise and In-home solutions for Video and Telco operators, has strengthened its Wi-Fi 7 product lineup with the introduction of Deimos, a Wi-Fi 7 Mesh solution. Deimos works with all ADB Wi-Fi 7 products, including Cheetah, Jaguar, Springbok, and Impala, and dynamically expands the network’s range and strength, ensuring comprehensive coverage even in the farthest corners of the user’s space.

With tri-band Wi-Fi 7 technology onboard, the latest ADB Mesh solution offers speeds of up to 15 Gbps, guaranteeing seamless streaming, gaming, video conferencing, and browsing throughout the entire home or office area.

Deimos is more than just a Mesh node extending network coverage. ADB has equipped it with its field-proven middleware, epiCentro®, making it an intelligent platform that optimizes network traffic to prioritize the most data-intensive and latency-sensitive applications, thus ensuring the best QoS.

epiCentro™ operates on all broadband products offered by ADB, enabling operators to provide superior connectivity, seamless subscriber experience, and the highest productivity for business employees who handle the majority of their work online.

Additionally, to assist users in creating their own Mesh network, Deimos comes with the ADB i-CAN application. It’s an effective tool, compatible with both Android and iOS devices, which will also benefit ISPs, as they will reduce operating costs by enabling end users to proactively and independently resolve wi-fi problems.

“Deimos is a product of high priority for our customers, telco operators, and ISPs. It gives them the ability to offer their subscribers a solution that knows no bounds when it comes to Wi-Fi coverage and intelligently optimizes traffic for the best QoS. By leveraging the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology, users will experience super-fast network speeds, even in the furthest corners of their homes or offices, without any degradation in quality,” said Radek Piorek, Head of Broadband Product Group at ADB.

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