ADB introduces Springbok and Impala as a quick path for Operators to start offering Wi-Fi 7 to subscribers

Two cost-effective Wi-Fi 7 solutions being a perfect fit for telcos’ single and dual box market strategy

06 December 2023 – Geneva, Switzerland: ADB, the global provider of Enterprise and In-home solutions for Video and Telco operators, expanded its Wi-Fi 7 product portfolio with two additional models, Springbok and Impala. Both models serve as a cost-effective alternative for telecommunications operators aiming to quickly provide their subscribers with the full benefits of Wi-Fi 7 technology, primarily offering faster speeds and lower latency in wireless connections compared to the previous generation Wi-Fi.

The main differentiating element between both products is their WAN interface for connection to the external operator network. Impala features a built-in 2.5 Gb GPON WAN interface, directly connecting the gateway to the fiber-optic network (single-box strategy), while Springbok is a solution utilizing a 2.5 Gb Ethernet port that connects to the internet through an external modem or ONT (dual-box strategy).

Operators can select the model that fits their deployment needs.

The excellent performance of ADB’s new products is the result of combining key innovations of the Wi-Fi 7 standard, including the 320 MHz ultra-wide channel, 4k-QAM modulation, Preamble puncturing, and Multi-Link Operation, along with ADB’s proven smart software, epiCentro®.

epiCentro® is ADB’s proprietary broadband middleware, unlocking enormous capabilities for residential subscribers and small & medium businesses (SMBs). Firstly, it includes the epiCentro® core that offers a solid foundation of cutting-edge Wi-Fi, networking, voice, management, and security features that can be tailored to the needs of operators and their subscribers.

Secondly, ADB has expanded epiCentro® with a range of additional packages that elevate the capabilities of ADB’s broadband products to a completely higher level. These extensions focus on:

Advanced Security: Providing continuous and comprehensive security for connected users, their devices, and the entire network, including the gateway.

Always-On Connectivity: Delivering uninterrupted internet connectivity through intelligent switching to a backup connection when needed.

Advanced Quality of Service: Ensuring the smooth functioning of the most critical services used by business customers and individual subscribers.

Enterprise Functionalities: Providing a set of specially enhanced features and tools for small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring that their communication, security, and productivity remain at the highest level.

With Springbok and Impala, powered by the Qualcomm® Tri-Band Wi-Fi 7 Immersive Home 3210 Platform, and equipped with the advanced capabilities of ADB’s epiCentro® software, operators can meet the needs of standard individual subscribers and offer a tailored solution for the requirements of business customers.

Furthermore, with each broadband CPE, ADB offers the i-CAN application, which, through an easy installation and configuration process, provides unparalleled control over the network for business owners and individual users.

“Springbok and Impala excellently complement our Wi-Fi 7 product lineup, serving as an optimal alternative to premium-class products such as our Cheetah and Jaguar. Thus, they provide a fast track for deploying a competitive offering with the latest generation solution in the market. We encourage operators to explore their capabilities, especially as we have significantly expanded the capabilities of our epiCentro® software powering our products.” – said Radek Piorek, Head of Broadband Product Group at ADB.

“Wi-Fi 7 ushers in an era of truly transformational wireless performance for broadband subscribers and we are honored to have the Qualcomm Immersive Home 3210 platform at the heart of the Wi-Fi 7 offerings ADB announced today. With a full suite of powerful next-gen Wi-Fi 7 features, it is a perfect solution for home and small business Wi-Fi systems to support today’s growing ecosystem of mobile, compute and XR devices.” – said Ganesh Swaminathan, vice president and general manager, Wireless Infrastructure and Networking, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

About ADB

ADB creates and deploys the most complete and efficient system solutions to bring the best video experience and broadband services to the Gigabit home and enterprise environments.

We ensure that ADB devices and software converge perfectly to deliver the best customer experience. We enable operators with top-tier back-office tools that provide extensive visibility, support, and control of their in-field deployments.

ADB’s offer is addressed to Pay-TV and Telco operators, content distributors, and hospitality property owners.

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