Thunder AX3600

Fibre-Optic Multi-WAN Gateway
for High-end Consumers
and Small & Medium Businesses

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Thunder AX3600

Fibre-Optic Multi-WAN Gateway
for High-end Consumers
and Small & Medium Businesses

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Thunder AX

Designed to Be Premium

Thunder AX Front

Ready for multiple WAN access technologies

  • SFP+ cage for fibre point-to-point or GPON up to 10 Gb/s symetric speed (XGS-PON)

  • VDSL/ADSL2+ modem on-board, supporting EVDSL profile

  • GPON 2.5/1.25 Gb/s modem on-board to enable the migration from xDSL to fibre-optic network

  • 2.5 Gb/s Ethernet port for high-speed connectivity in LAN or for connection to an external high-speed modem

Top-class Wi-Fi 6 experience with speed up to 3600 Mb/s

Dual band 2.4 and 5 GHz (AX3600) and 160 MHz channel support

EasyMesh™ support

Accelerates Businesses’ operation

  • Equipped with 2 FXS ports for voice services

  • Enables configuration over a browser interface, CLI scripting, and via management protocols (TR-069/TR-369)

  • Supports multi-user profiles with local and Radius authentication

  • Provides multi-level security dedicated to SMB, that includes secure remote access over the Internet with VPN IPSec, advanced Command Line Interface, antiphishing, advanced parental control

  • Supports advanced routing protocols dedicated to SMB (BGP, VRRP, OSPF, RIP)

Enables future evolution

  • Uses Linux containers and dockers for secure launching of 3rd party applications

  • Features Multi-WAN failover mechanism for Internet Always-On

  • Enables printer service and media sharing that lets users enjoy their music, photos, and videos on connected playback devices

  • Provides Zigbee radio for Smart Home applications

Thunder AX Back

Slick Design
with Modular architecture
that fits different access networks

Select your preferable configuration


With a variety of available built-in options,  Thunder AX works in any xDSL, GPON, and Ethernet network, and will provide connectivity to all smart home devices using ZigBee protocol.


With an embedded SFP+ Cage, Thunder AX can be deployed in any access network including xDSL, Ethernet, FTTH P2P, and XGS-PON.

Two flavours

Whether for business customers or residential users, Thunder AX is available in two versions. A beautiful horizontal casing, without any external antennas, that looks elegant in every interior or a solid book-like housing that will be appreciated by every professional.

Extremely Powerfull

Thunder AX is a real 10 Gb/s device
fully exploiting capabilities of XGS-PON network

Supercharged by

Equipped with the Qualcomm® Networking Pro 1200 platform, Thunder AX delivers the ultimate experience to end-users. Deployed in XGS-PON network, it provides up to 10 Gb/s transmissions speed directly to the connected client devices. It fully exploits efficiency of Wi-Fi 6 and 10 Gb/s Ethernet LAN network.

Offering smart and ultra-fast wireless connectivity

  • Best performance and connectivity conditions for the end-users

  • Almost unlimited number of managed connected Wi-Fi clients

  • Intuitive mobile app to provide your customers with a superior Wi-Fi service on all devices

  • Easy setup, seamless roaming, and network self-optimization to ensure best Wi-Fi experience

  • Stable and reliable video streaming over Wi-Fi thanks to EasyMesh™ support

  • Enhanced ACS (Automatic Channel Selection), band steering and Airtime fairness

  • 160 Mhz-wide Wi-Fi channels usage to provide real gigabit transmission speeds

  • 4 x 4 multi-user MIMO

  • Full compatibility between Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5

With focus on
Small & Medium Businesses

Thunder AX.
Highest security
and efficiency for businesses.

Powered by epiCentro™, a full-featured, scalable middleware for Residential Gateways, Integrated Access Devices and Small Business Routers.

Deployed on 30+ million broadband CPEs worldwide.

Thunder AX in action.

Inter-office Connectivity

Secure site-to-site communication (VPN IPSec) with speed up to 5 Gb/s to connect more employees working in different branch offices.

Software Defined Network

SDN enables users to securely connect to applications in the cloud and frees small and middle-sized businesses from investing in powerful and expensive equipment.

Super Efficient LAN

Ethernet LAN/WAN with speed up to 10 Gb/s is efficient enough to connect the entire company’s private network and its devices.

High-Quality Telephony

High-quality IP/HD and analogue telephony services are essential for the companies’ daily operation.

Powered by epiCentro™

Deployed on 30+ million devices

epiCentro is a full-featured, scalable software running on all ADB broadband CPEs that provides advanced Wi-Fi, voice and data capabilities.

It accelerates deployment of new applications and services thanks to its modular architecture and multi-service execution environment.

Includes consolidated security framework with: strong IP security including robust firewall filtering and DoS protection, secure wired and wireless network connection for client devices, parental control, and antiphishing protecting against constantly evolving cyber threats.

i-CAN Home
Companion App

Puts subscribers in control of their home/office network

The application provides users with the visibility on their network and guides them step-by-step to self-install broadband devices and services.

It notifies users of any anomaly on the network or connected devices and then helps to find the right solution.

Proactive care with epiCure™

Designed to support Operator’s Customer Care

A monitoring, diagnostic, and analytics system for broadband and video domains helping Operators to ensure the highest quality of service and reduce customer care processes cost.

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