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The Business of Business TV

There is no mistaking it; TV in business has become a 21st century staple. Gyms are connecting televisions to exercise bikes for the avid gym-goers; bars are building their entire business model around live sports events and with first-class service in mind; while interactive TV ‘hosts’ welcome guests and customers in hotel lobbies and business receptions.

It is clear that many businesses are capitalizing on the opportunities of the Connected Age, positioning themselves as leaders in customer engagement and utilizing the technology that has become available to increase their operational efficiency and communication strategies.

However, there are also many other businesses at risk of falling behind. The single standard, broadcast television set, visible in many consumer-facing businesses, appears outdated against the backdrop of what service providers have been able to technically achieve since the proliferation of broadband providers, innovations in multiscreen devices and advances in IPTV. With ever-increasing consumer expectations for TV Everywhere, the way that television is being utilized within each unique business environment and the experience that it creates for consumers should be a key consideration for any leader eager to improve their consumer or employee engagement strategy.

Across every industry there are boundless opportunities for businesses to develop a tailored and flexible television experience that delivers high rewards: the use of digital signage in a shopping center, bank, airport or business lobby can provide vital information about location and services, avoiding confusion and reducing the workload of customer service representatives; an interactive entertainment service delivered ‘while you wait’ can increase comfort, reduce boredom and alter perceptions of waiting times; and an in-flight-entertainment or hotel TV service that personalizes viewing can increase the enjoyment and satisfaction of the consumer.   Internally, businesses are able to dramatically improve the flow of operations, deliver HR and company information to employees to enhance morale, ensure real-time delivery of relevant industry news and hold cost and time saving meetings through advanced remote-television conferencing systems. At its core, a tailored television offering that meets the needs of consumers and employees demonstrates a businesses’ commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

With television technology becoming increasingly accessible, businesses have a clear opportunity to invest in a business TV strategy that works to deliver greater efficiencies and benefits to their stakeholders. Cloud-based software that works across an entire company, in multiple locations and across multiple devices offers businesses the flexibility and cost-efficiency they need to adapt to changing market demands, while the ability to customize the TV experience to meet any businesses unique needs ensures that the TV adds genuine value to the business services and plays an active role in revenue generation. In addition to developing platforms to deliver content, business TV offers businesses the possibility of collecting customer insights, supporting them to improve the consumer experience and increase their competitive edge.

ADB helps businesses to maximize the potential of television in the Connected Age, reducing the complexity and cost of multi-platform, interactive and flexible television experiences across any screen and in any location. Our Business TV solution allows companies to look beyond traditional TV limitations, supporting businesses from any sector to deliver an innovative and tailored offering that strengthens their brand’s presence and improves the consumer experience.

The arrival of the Connected Age will increase consumer expectations for ease of access, convenience and immediacy in services. The television screen offers an ideal platform to provide consumers with the streamlined experience- whether in information, customer service, retail or entertainment – they will come to expect. Businesses have an early opportunity to get ahead of this trend, investing in flexible platforms that can grow with their company and their customers’ expectations.