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ADB Helps Pay-TV to evolve

People throughout the world are watching more video than ever before, while the market is saturating with a wide range of content to watch on our mobiles, TVs or tablets. The question is: where does it place the traditional pay-TV operators? And, is there a future in the midst of the fragmentation of the video market?

Pay television operators must evolve to survive. Quite recently, you could still characterize “satellite” pay-TV operators, “cable” television and “IPTV” operators as completely different entities, with different strategies, competing with each other. Now days those classifications are obscure. The DTH operators are launching IP services. The Telcos don’t deliver voice services anymore, and not only migrate their network to data and video, but also use satellite delivery to penetrate new markets. Cable became quad play and seldom uses coax.

Knowing that the modern operators require agility and fast answers to changing environment, ADB extended its graphyne2 pay-TV suite to help shifting the cursor between broadband and broadcast based delivery methodologies. Starting from this year, graphyne2 includes a complete family of solutions that is software suite designed for pay-tv in online, hybrid and broadcast scenarios. It builds on the ADB’s renowned graphyne2 Multiscreen end-to-end solution for two-way Cable, IPTV and OTT and is now applicable for satellite, terrestrial and more traditional cable as graphyne2 Hybrid. In addition, it is available for the Android TV ecosystem as graphyne2 Android.

The online hybrid and broadcast solutions have consistent user experience (UX/UI) and are managed by a single graphyne2 service delivery platform (SDP) and application server. With one setup, the operator can run all these services in parallel or start with one delivery methodology and extend or shift to other, while offering to consumers a smooth, flexible and personalized migration path between broadcast to the online world, as consumers evolve.

graphyne2 UX is designed to be independent from the hardware and middleware, however, it is pre-integrated with various modern ADB set-top boxes and ADB middleware, RDK and Android TV, for quick and easy introduction of the solution into new and existing networks. ADB offers IP/OTT, Cable hybrid, Satellite hybrid and Terrestrial hybrid set-top boxes in HD and Ultra-HD versions.

graphyne2 architecture and 20+ years of ADB’s competence in STB hardware and software, present strong proposition for STB deployment. The same UX can be launched on existing legacy hardware and middleware. Therefore, the operator can upgrade the legacy devices and maintain consistent UX/UI across the whole base while avoiding huge expenses on set-top boxes, marketing, customer education and customer care.

The graphyne2 suite can pre-integrate with pay-TV operators’ existing video head-end, and can also shield the internal APIs from external use. Third party services are integrated on the head-end side, which enables extensions with no need to modify the device software. Additionally, the ADB service delivery platform is available from the cloud as a multi-tenant service.

Pre-integration with third party services like Netflix or YouTube and app store with a vast choice of third party OTT services is what operators are looking for. ADB has accumulated a number of such integrations, which are now part of the overall solution. Content reconciliation is also an important feature, which allows merging different content sources into a consistent offer for the end user.

Apart from the key video elements, the graphyne2 platform also offers a set of crucial “beyond video” customer relation features which improve the viewing experience:

  • Personal content recommendations to discover and serve relevant content
  • Marketing automation for communicating with consumers based on their behavioral and demographic profiles
  • Advertising management for live and on-demand video content
  • Audience measurement in real time and with 1 minute accuracy for optimal marketing and content acquisition
  • Content management system proven in field operations
  • Online consumer relationship management (CRM) with personalized product catalogue.

All functions, including video and metadata delivery, recommendations, marketing management and analytics, are available from the cloud with no need to install any hardware at the operator’s premises.

All this effort, which ADB puts in the development of graphyne2 products, is aimed at helping the operator to answer the demand of current and future customers and to easily shift between the broadband and broadcast worlds while addressing changing business and technical environment.

graphyne2 and other solutions for pay-TV operators will be presented at IBC 2017 (Hall5-b60)  

Furthermore, we are as well very pleased to announce that ADB graphyne2 software suite is shortlisted for the ‘Best interactive TV technology or application ‘in the CSI Awards 2017!