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Living in the Connected Age

The Connected Age is upon us, bringing with it a period of economic change that, in terms of scale and opportunity, has not occurred for more than a century. We are living in an era where Internet connectivity is essential to the delivery of even our most basic services, ingrained in business operations as well as our personal lives.

And in the not-too-distant future, this growing web of connected devices will support almost every aspect of our daily lives.

The Connected Age has created boundless opportunities for businesses across almost every sector. Today, more and more companies are delivering technologies and solutions that enhance immersion in video, increase interaction with their products and other consumers and, through the increased connectivity of devices, is giving consumers far greater control over their lives.

Consumers too have been quick to realise the benefits of connected devices and take-up shows no sign of slowing down – by 2020 there will be an estimated 26 billion connected devices worldwide. And it is no surprise why. Not only does the Connected Age allow consumers to watch their favorite films and TV shows, whenever and wherever they like, they are also able to exercise greater control over their homes and their personal schedules. The Connected Age offers the possibility of a streamlined existence that enhances access to information and offers greater peace of mind.

However, the proliferation of devices has also created a disruptively fragmented environment for consumers, and providers of connected services should be looking to determine how they can best support ease of access, continuity and interoperability across the home, our personal lives as well as the business world. The service providers that are able to contribute to, or develop an ecosystem that creates unified connectivity across devices will be far better placed to accrue the loyalty of customers and increase their businesses reach.

The opportunities from the Connected Age have created an exciting time for both consumers and businesses alike. However, the pace with which this competitive market is evolving has also created new and complex challenges.To achieve this level of consistency and continuity, operators and service providers need entirely new, or extraordinarily flexible technologies, that allows them to manage and deliver video across a variety of screens, as well as overcome integration and interoperability issues, meet new technology standards as well as reduce operational budgets. Businesses will need to look to providers of cloud-based solutions that offer open platforms, collaboration with third parties as well as look towards personalization of services to consumers. Identifying solutions with a focus on improving the user experience will be key to any providers’ success in the market.

Furthermore, improving network capacity to support the growing number and the sophistication of the connected devices and video markets is another challenge service providers will need to overcome. Nevertheless, with the right support and partnerships across the industry, businesses have an opportunity to deliver truly seamless and compelling experiences that maximize the value of the Connected Age across consumers’ business and personal lives.

ADB’s Connected Solutions have been developed to address the needs of operators and service providers in the Connected Age. With 20 years experience, ADB’s solutions and services address the many different challenges our customers face and allows them to remain competitive. Our Personal and Business TV and IoT solutions are flexible, powerful and cost-effective, enabling service providers to monetize and profit from the connected era – and allowing consumers to manage their homes and TV, always/everywhere.