Keeping viewers constantly engaged is the path to retain subscribers

20 August 2018 – Geneva, Switzerland: ADB, a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for TV and broadband networks, has today announced that, during IBC show in September, the company will be presenting graphyne2 Personalization Hub, the latest extension to its complete graphyne2 solution.

To help TV operators in addressing the needs of today’s TV viewers, the company extended its solutions with a set of advanced tools, enabling service providers to personalize their offers for the subscribers. The result is a state-of-the-art user experience filled with personalized content recommendations available across all users’ screens.

“Once attracted by the right content, subscribers have a high barrier to switch to another service or to a different service provider. The right content not only matches their habits and taste, but also is always available on demand, through every possible device.” – says Rolf Seibl, Deputy CEO at ADB.

On top of that, ADB’s solution gives additional possibilities. It enables content aggregation from all sources like live channels, VOD, catch-up, recordings and OTT applications (Netflix, HBO GO, Showmax, etc.) and allows to prepare a wide range of recommendations for the users, so that they could always find something interesting.

With graphyne2 Personalization Hub the operator can personalize all kinds of content or messages coming to the users. For example marketing messages promoting operator’s additional services or advertisements – they can be tailored for every targeted user segment.

What is more, the operators can constantly improve the whole user experience and its efficiency, using Monitoring and Analytics system that collects information about users’ behavior, content consumption as well as application usage. Based on this information service providers can adjust the UX, modifying its configuration to better serve the analyzed users’ needs. Also, knowing the level of the content consumption, the operator has a data-based tool to negotiate offers with content providers.

graphyne2 UX customizations and configurations can be introduced in real time to better shape the service. It gives additional possibility to provide different version of the service to various parts of the population and decide which scenario is the most beneficial for the business.

In conclusion, ADB’s graphyne2 with Personalization Hub enables the operator to create a service that users will value as a high-quality offer, accurately prepared and personalized for them. This will prevent churn, improve the stickiness of the offer and create a strong relationship with users.

graphyne2 Personalization Hub and other complementary solutions for pay-TV and broadband operators will be presented at IBC 2018 (Hall 5.B60). 

Furthermore, we are very pleased to announce that ADB’s graphyne2 Personalization Hub is shortlisted for “Best TV user experience – product innovation” in the CSI Awards 2018