ADB empowers TV and broadband operators to ensure the Ultimate Quality of Service

27 August 2018 – Geneva, Switzerland: ADB, a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for TV and broadband networks, has today announced that, at this year’s IBC, from September 14 to 18 in Amsterdam – visitors of the ADB booth (5.B60) will be able to see demonstrations of epiCure – the company’s real-time diagnostic and troubleshooting platform. It allows operators to deliver their services with the highest possible quality.

“IBC is a great opportunity for ADB to demonstrate that the company is a true one-stop shop, able to supply operators with all the essential components to build and deliver best-in-class services. epiCure is definitely a significant part of our offer and what’s most important, it can be applied to both Broadband and TV operations.” – says Rolf Seibl, Deputy CEO at ADB.

epiCure collects data from different sources including the operator’s systems, external databases and users’ devices. Based on the processing of a large amount of data, the solution enables problems prevention, diagnostics and resolution. It supports the service providers in locating the root cause of the issues and facilitates proper troubleshooting.

The use of BIG DATA technologies in epiCure allows to perform even deeper data analysis to foresee possible service degradation and consequently correct issues before they occur. This equips the operators with an amazing tool for predictive maintenance and care.

The platform also supports help desks in triggering the analytical tests, monitoring specific KPIs and finally solving problems for the consumers.

The big advantage of epiCure is its configurability. Operators can easily set up the analytical part, KPIs, real-time alerts as well as the dashboards required for presenting measures, statistics and the overall status of the network.