Monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting
for your broadband and video operations


epiCurelets you understand
what is happening at end-user home,
detect any issues and proactively react
to reduce customer care cost.

epiCure™ supports
your Customer Care

It collects and transforms raw not-structured data into valuable structured information enabling your Customer Care to perform enhanced troubleshooting.

Data aggregation

Aggregated view of various broadband/video related metrics or errors for entire population

Population overview filtering

Categorized information about GW/STB population

Proactive debugging

Fast identification and troubleshooting of problems as they start occurring

Automatic notification and remote management

Retrieve status, force reboot, SW upgrade, factory default, TV screen resolution, Wi-Fi on/off and more

Fix issues remotely without sending technician

epiCureenables NOC engineers to act faster and more efficient

It complements view of the entire network adding missing information about home environment.

Enables identifying problems as they start occurring in the field and proactively react.

Reduced number and duration of calls

No need for time-consuming technical interview, possibility to perform remote actions

Cost saving

Issues resolution without sending technicians at home

Churn reduced by up to 20-30 %

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