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ADB Debuts Guest Safety Feature Via vuTyme at HITEC

  • Nationally deployed with cable operators, vuTyme 4.4 is now equipped with Emergency Alert Messaging to dramatically improve hotel guests and staff safety
  • Emergency Alert Messaging enables hoteliers to broadcast to guests via vuTyme specific alert messages such as “FIRE ON FLOOR 10, EXIT YOUR ROOM” or “PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR ROOM PER THE POLICE AUTHORITIES”
  • Visit ADB in at HITEC June 26 to 29 in Booth #337 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

June 27, 2017 – Toronto – Today at HITEC Toronto, ADB is unveiling a new and potentially life-saving feature of its popular vuTyme in-room entertainment solution that will inform guests via in-room TV of on-premise threats and the specific emergency action they should take to keep them safe. No longer will guests just hear an audible alarm without knowing specifically what the emergency is, where it is, and what they need to do. Instead, they will be informed in detail via vuTyme without having to make calls to the front desk — which may or may not have staff answering the phones; in fact, phones may not even be operational. ADB’s new Emergency Alert Messaging system will notify guests if they should exit or stay to keep them out of harm’s way.

vuTyme by ADB and its Emergency Alert Messaging system will be on display in Booth #337 at HITEC, June 27 to 29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

“vuTyme’s Emergency Alert Messaging capability is something that is long over-due in this market,” said Chris Dinallo, ADB Chief Technology Officer and General Manager, Americas Business TV. “With today’s climate of ever-increasing bodily threats, whether it be natural or man-derived, guests are entitled to have the best technology and systems looking out for their safety, informing them and instructing them what to do. I’m proud that vuTyme is setting the bar high in providing a safer environment for all of us.”


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For 20+ years, ADB has been offering the best and most useful interactive TV features for its customers. As the provider of 100 million at-home television set-top boxes and broadband gateway systems around the world, ADB is intimately familiar with what guests have, what they use, how they use it, and what they want. This gives ADB the technical and behavioral experience that no other supplier has when designing, developing and deploying the next generation of iTV for hotels.

vuTyme delivers a complete set of in-room services, including live TV, Video on Demand, Pay-per-view, concierge, local channel, digital signage and targeted advertisements. It also provides Searchable Interactive Program Guide, direct-to-guest messaging through the TV, local attractions map with QR Code, Pause/Rewind/Fast-Forward Live TV, and other guest-friendly features.

For more information on vuTyme Emergency Messaging service, visit ADB in Booth #337 at HITEC.


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