ADB Academy

You will program
your future with us.

Join VI edition of the Academy, during which
you will acquire extensive experience,
as well as develop your skills
under the supervision of ADB experts.
This program will prepare you
for the start of your career path.

Learn continually. There is always “one more thing” to learn.

~ Steve Jobs

About the Academy

VI edition of the ADB Academy continues its activity in the winter semester 2020/21. We encourage all enthusiasts of coding and modern technologies to participate in the classes. The purpose of this Academy is to expand the students’ knowledge with information useful in the scope of taking up a job.

During the first semester, the lectures and classes will be conducted remotely (on-line) and according to the Academy Program presented below. After completion of the series of lectures, the students will implement the system design from scratch, under the supervision of specialists from ADB. In order to implement it, the students will have to use technologies and knowledge gained during the lectures.

At the end, the diplomas certifying completion of the Academy will be issued. Moreover, active and outstanding participants will be offered cooperation by ADB, in the form of paid holiday internship or apprenticeship. Also, an annual scholarship will also be funded for the best student of the academy.

ADB Academy – VI edition
Program for 2020/2021

Introduction to work in a development team

– Agile Philisophy
– Scrum Methodology
– Jira Software

Version control systems

– Basics of work with Git
– Bitbucket

Clean code

– Principles of writing a good code
– Refactoring
– Code review
– Continuous integration

Spring Framework

– Basic modules
– Dependency inversion
– Database communication
– Object Relational Mapping – Hibernate
– Module configuration

Frontend Development with React

– Development tools and setup
– Components
– Useful javascript and react libraries to use
– Integration with backend systems via REST
– Optimizing for production usage

Mobile applications in React Native

– Navigation
– Components and their styling
– Animations

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