ADB announces vuTyme v5 at HITEC

  • vuTyme constantly evolves to meet growing demands of today’s travellers 
  • Adding to the feature-rich capabilities, vuTyme improves guest-experience with “Fast-Config Wi-Fi”
  • New Analytics engine helping hoteliers better serve the guests’ needs
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June 18, 2018 – Geneva, Switzerland: ADB the leading provider of premium business TV solutions has today announced that it will be presenting the next version of  vuTyme –  interactive hospitality TV solution at HITEC show in June. To meet the hospitality industry’s growing demand to enhance the guest experience, the company has equipped vuTyme with two new features. Fast-Config Wi-Fi which allows guests to connect their mobile devices to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network by simply scanning the QR code displayed on TV screen. Whereas for Hoteliers and MSO Providers, vuTyme has added an analytic engine that provides crucial information of which services are important to guests.

“Now, in its 8th year of deployment throughout the US, vuTyme maintains its leading position by offering more innovate, feature-rich services to Guests, Hoteliers, and MSO Providers,” said Chris Dinallo, CTO & General Manager of ADB vuTyme Business Unit. “Improving the guest experience while lowering the hotelier’s total cost of ownership, combined with easy to deploy and maintain in-room TV solution is our mission. This is our win-win-win strategy.”

Here are a few other coveted features of vuTyme:

  • vuTyme entertains guests with more than 200 HD channels, a searchable IPG, thousands of free Video on Demand titles and a Pay-Per-View offering.
  • Industry’s leading and patented DVR-Lite™ technology for Pause/Play of LiveTV.
  • vuTyme tells guests what they want to know via: folio view, hotel amenities, local attractions, news, weather and a dedicated branded channel. Plus, vuTyme gives guests meetings information and group agendas via digital signage in rooms and public spaces.
  • vuTyme tells guests what they need to know via its new Emergency Alert Messaging system. Guests will be notified in detail on the in-room TV whether they should exit or stay in the room to keep them out of harm’s way.
  • Additionally, using vuTyme guests can check out or order room services without the need to contact the reception desk.

“With vuTyme, hotels and guests now have value features that entertain, inform, and enrich the in-stay experience,” Dinallo said. “Better yet, we deliver vuTyme using the hotel’s existing cable infrastructure, reducing costs and time of installation. vuTyme also integrates with more than 40 PMS systems, including Oracle/Micros, and it has interfaces to a dozen-plus Guest Services Systems. Hoteliers with limited budgets, who are looking to offer the tools that today’s travellers demand, can now turn directly to ADB and vuTyme,”

Hoteliers and MSO Providers interested in learning more about vuTyme v5 are encouraged to visit ADB at the HITEC event, June 18 to 21 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.

For more information email [email protected]